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Shining The Light on Domestic Violence

Bringing Healing To the hurting one life at a time

Healing Hurts is a 501c3 nonprofit organization providing assistance to single parent families before, during, and after pregnancy.  

We provide services to low-income families regardless of income, race, or religion; as well as reestablishing the role and importance of fathers in the lives of their children. We are a Christian non-profit organization promoting healing to the total being: physical, emotional, and spiritual.

However, our program is not limited to the residents we serve. Our services encompass individuals, couples, families, communities, and churches as we work to rebuild lives that are met with an unexpected challenge. In conjunction with our transitional living program, we offer victim advocacy for domestic violence and sexual assault victims.

The Healing Hurts staff strives to provide you with a loving, non-judgmental environment where you will receive grace and mercy as you grow and mature. It is our goal to assist you in setting and achieving personal goals to wholeness in these five areas:

  • spiritual
  • physical
  • intellectual
  • emotional
  • and vocational

Come, grow with us....


US Physically Abused Victums
2016 SC Known Deaths Related to Domestic Violence
2015 SC Known Deaths Related to Domestic Violence
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Nefateri Smalls

Nefateri Smalls

Chief Executive Officer

Nefateri Smalls is married to Oddie Smalls and they reside in Ridgeville, SC. This beautiful union brough together a "Brady bunch" of its own with two boys and three girls. When she is not fulfilling the duties of CEO for Healing Hurts, Nefateri enjoys reading, writing, singing, and enjoying time with her family.

Healing Hurts is more than something I do....I believe that not only do hurting people hurt other people, but I believe that whole individuals have a magnetizing domino effect because their own journey to wholeness is a message of hope all by itself.



Namibia Richardson

Namibia Richardson

Vice President

Latoya McClary

Latoya McClary



Oddie Smalls


Oddie is married to Nefateri Smalls and resides in Ridgeville, SC. Oddie was born and raised in the Lowcountry (Charleston area). He shares the joy of his five children with his wife. He is what some would call a jack of all trades. Having a large family is something he knows all too well as he is the youngest of 10 siblings. Aside from spearheading the fatherhood initiative for Healing Hurts, Oddie enjoys old time classic car shows, Andy Griffith, and singing.

Healing Hurts carries a special place in my heart. It has never been about a church house of worship, but about seeing to it that whatever I do brings about a change in the lives of those that I am able to reach.


Andrea Smith



Angela Isaac

Board Member


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South Carolina ranks No. 6 for deadly violence against women

By MEG KINNARD Associated Press COLUMBIA, S.C. South Carolina has again ranked worst in the nation for deadly violence against women, according to a report released Tuesday by the Violence Policy Center. Ranking first...

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Cries From Within

Cries From Within

In my book, Cries From Within, I make myself transparent to the world on my journey of healing from childhood scars. I have had a couple people ask me why I shared some of...

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Escaped To Tell – The Movie

Escaped To Tell – The Movie

Miracle, our star actress, portrays the real story of a young girl whose life is seemingly laid out as a runner whose goal is to sprint a line of hurdles without falling or failing....

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Escaped To Tell - The Movie

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Healing Hurts Baby Diaper Bank


1 in 3 US moms report suffering from diaper needs. Government programs do not cover diapers.
Diaper needs impact the physical, mental, and economic well-being of children and parents.
We provide diapers to Dorchester, Berkeley, and Charleston county residents experiencing hardship.
Contact our office if you have a diaper need.

If your group or organization are interested in hosting a diaper drive,
or to set up a time to bring in donations you can contact (843)879-2255
or email us at healinghurts@mail.com


Tax id: 11-3832793

Are you a parent with a child in diapers and you are-

…without a job?

…struggling to make ends meet?

…need assistance until payday?

…your daycare requires diapers on hand and you are running low?

…a two-parent home and relying on one income?


Call us or come in to our office today to receive

a FREE pack of diapers and wipes (upon availability).

If you are in need – you qualify!!!

Call us today- (843) 879-2255

105 School Street Ridgeville, SC 29472

Monday – Friday 10AM – 2PM



An insufficient supply of diapers can cause a family
to spiral deeper into poverty and distress.
Most childcare programs require parents to bring diapers,
so parents without sufficient diapers cannot leave
their children in childcare to attend work or school.
Families unable to afford diapers are forced
to choose between a range of undesirable
alternatives that can severely impact the health and
well being of both their child and their household.
A survey commissioned by Feeding America*
found that many families report cutting back on
basics such as food, utilities or child care in order
to purchase diapers for their children. Other families
report leaving their children in soiled
diapers for a longer period of time than they
otherwise would have. Some families even
resort to cleaning out or drying soiled disposable diapers
and reusing them in order to meet their diaper needs.

*National Diaper Bank Network – Feeding America

Target = 10,000 diapers and 500 cases of wipes

Raised = 3,357 diapers and 61 cases of wipes