Escaped To Tell – The Movie

Miracle, our star actress, portrays the real story of a young girl whose life is seemingly laid out as a runner whose goal is to sprint a line of hurdles without falling or failing.

She faces one bout of defeat after another often losing sight of herself and the purpose of her own existence. The rise and fall of this movie which is based off the autobiography, Cries From Within ©, is woven together so strategically as Miracle wrestles with her will to be crippled by her past failures, or to keep pressing on no matter who or what she loses in the process.

Throughout the film this actress faces insurmountable hurts, but as you watch you too will be able to trace the hand of God along the way. This family-friendly movie pulls on the heartstrings of the young and old including those that are faith-filled and those with no faith at all as the writer exposes family secrets, but not without offering hope, healing, love, forgiveness, and restoration. Built on the biblical basis of the scriptures outlined in Job 1: 15-18, you won’t want to miss the release of this true story that is sure to rock the very foundation of your soul.

You will laugh, you may cry, but you will forever be changed. Will you escape to tell?

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